How To Use The Locks

How to use the new locks:

Front:  Enter the unlock code.  Turn the knob, and pull the door open.  If the code did not work, and you want to try again, turn the knob to reset the lock mechanism.

Rear: Enter the unlock code, then press and release the silver “Enter” button, then turn the handle.  If you need to reset the mechanism to try again, turn the handle.

North Side: this door has not changed.

Some guidelines:

  • Do not prop doors open.  This defeats the system.
  • Do not allow young children to go out unattended.  They will be locked out and unable to re-enter without help.  An older child, who is able to unlock the doors, or an adult must supervise young children.
  • Do not give out the lock code to others unless they are regular members of the shul.  If you have any doubts, ask the person to get the code from the Rabbi.