Shul Security Project

Dear Ohel Moed Community,

A security committee was formed in to investigate how to improve shul security in an economical way.  After recent tragic events in Pittsburgh PA, and an intercepted plot in Toledo OH, several members have asked what is being done.  Here is our report.

Professional Security Recommendations

The security committee has attended training sessions offered by the Oakland County Sheriff, and we have consulted with the head of security for the Jewish Federation of Metro Detroit, including a walkthrough of Ohel Moed.  It was recommended by the experts (and common sense) that our first priority is to gain control over the entrances to the building, and to know who is coming in.   Additional upgrades, such as an emergency panic button, will also be considered in the near future.

A meeting was held on December 19, 2018, which was attended by approximately 15 shul members.  This committee reviewed the proposals for the initial round of improvements, and the members present voted overwhelmingly to adopt the plan.

Upgrade Plan

The initial upgrade plan is to improve the front and rear doors of the shul so that they are more secure, and will be normally locked.  Regular shul attendees will have the combination code to unlock the doors, however guests and visitors will need to be let in by someone inside the building.  We will need a rotation of volunteers who will watch the front door, to let in congregants who don’t know the lock code, and to welcome visitors.

Note that with the doors normally locked, young children must be watched by responsible older children or adults, as they can easily be locked out of the building. Young children will not be allowed to roam freely outside.


The proposed phase 1 upgrades will require us to raise approximately $5,000. Phase 1 upgrades:

Front Doors:

  • Add a mechanical pushbutton lock
  • Add 3M security film to glass surfaces, to protect front entry
  • Front total $2800

Rear Door:

  • Replace the glass door with a steel door, equipped with a mechanical pushbutton lock
  • Rear cost $1800


Since all regular visitors to Ohel Moed benefit from improved security, we are asking that all regular users of the shul, not just registered members, donate to the security fund.  The recommended minimum donation is $150/family.

To donate to the Security Fund online using a credit card or PayPal, please visit the following link:  Checks can be sent to Rabbi Jundef, please write “Security Fund” on the memo line.

Any funds collected in excess of what is needed for “phase 1” will be saved for “phase 2” upgrades.