Parashat Mishpatim- Weekly Announcements

Shabbat Times

Candle Lighting: 5:39pm

Friday Mincha: 5:40pm

Shacharit: 9:00am

Latest Shema: 10:12am

Snif: 3:30pm


Shabbat Mincha: 5:35pm

Havdalah: 6:42pm


Kiddush this Shabbat is co sponsored by two anonymous families.

The cost of a basic Kiddush is $225.00. If you are interested in sponsoring an upcoming Kiddush, or purchasing a leaf or a memorial board light, please contact Rabbi Jundef, or see the Sponsorships/Dedications of the Ohel Moed web site, here:  link.

Weekly Classes

The Monday class for women will meet at 4:30pm.

The Mishnah Brurah class will meet on Monday.

The Tuesday class for men will meet after services.


Bnei Akiva


Snif will meet at 3:30pm this Shabbat.

Mikvah Information

The numbers for Ohel Moed’s Eishes Chayil Mikvah are: 248-320-6541 or 248-737-3337. Please call 48 hours in advance.

Weekly Davening Times


Shacharit: 8:00am
Mincha: 5:45pm


Shacharit: 7:00am
Mincha: 5:45pm

Thursday- Rosh Chodesh

Shacharit: 6:50am
Mincha: 5:45pm

Friday- Rosh Chodesh

Shacharit: 6:50am
Mincha: 5:50pm


The earliest times for Tallis and Tefillin are: 6:39, 6:37, 6:36, 6:35, 6:34, and 6:32am.