The New Lavi Shulchan Project

We are excited to announce a new project to beautify and enhance the services at Ohel Moed.   Thanks to the suggestion (prodding) by Izzy Steiner, the Ohel Moed Furniture Committee is working to replace the beat up old shulchan with a new, more functional design.  The table will be ordered from Lavi, the Bnei Akiva Kibbutz, which sent us Amots and Atai as our first Bnei Akiva schlichim.

Why do we need a new shulchan?

Our current table is about 40 years old, and has significant wear and damage to its corners.   It is flat, which makes it more difficult for the Torah reader to work.  And it is the wrong color, not matching the other wood in our shul.

The new table will closely match the ark.  It have a slanted top, making Torah reading easier.  It will also its shelves covered by cabinet doors, for a more tidy appearance.

Shulchan Sponsorship Levels:

  • $2500 — Gold Sponsor
  • $500 — Silver Sponsor
  • $250 –Bronze Sponsor

All Gold, Silver, and Bronze sponsors will be recognized on a plaque which will be displayed on the front wall of shul, near the ark.

We currently have pledges for ~2/3 of our goal of $6350.  Any excess funds donated will go to the Youth Fund.

How To Donate

To donate, please write checks out to Ohel Moed Youth Fund, or use the donation link on the Bnei Akiva Youth Programming page here.

Please contact Moses Fridman, Hartley Harris, or Rabbi Jundef to make a pledge or for more information.

Proposed Model Shulchan

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