Upcoming Bnei Akiva Events

On behalf of Bnei Akiva West Bloomfield, we wish everyone a happy and
healthy New Year and an easy and meaningful fast–Shana Tova and G’mar
Chatima Tova!

We are very excited for 5776, and we wanted to let everyone know about the
following upcoming programs in our community:

During the first two days of Sukkot–on Monday, September 28th and
Tuesday, September 29th–there will be two Sukkah Hops for everyone to
enjoy! Schedule will follow.
On Sunday afternoon, October 4th, there will be a special Sukkot
Scavenger Hunt for all children in our community!
On Wednesday evenings, beginning October 14th, a new year of Cafe Ulpan
will begin for adults seeking to improve their Hebrew skills in a
creative and casual environment–this year Cafe Ulpan will meet at Ohel

Of course, more details on each of these programs (and many others) will
soon follow.  If you have any questions about these programs, or if you
need assistance taking down your sukkah after the Chag, please contact us
at your convenience.

email:  yairsalo@gmail.com
cell:  248-238-4135

email:  liadcohen20@gmail.com
cell:  248-238-3221