WBEC Financial Report, Eruv Appeal For 2014-2015

For the current fiscal year, starting in September 2013, $3,527 was spent on inspection and repair of the eruv, leaving us with a balance of $320.

We need a minimum of $1,800/year to pay for inspection and light repairs.   If major repairs are needed, and we are  required to hire contractors or rent equipment, we will need substantially more.

We are asking all families who live inside the eruv to donate $120 for the year to replenish our account.  That’s only 2 fancy Starbucks drinks ($10) / month!

To donate, please visit the Eruv home page (www.ohelmoed.org/eruv) to pay using a secure PayPal transaction using your credit card.  Alternatively, checks may be sent to the following address:

West Bloomfield Eruv Committee
6191 Farmington Road
West Bloomfield, MI 48322

To read WBEC financial statement for the 1st half of 2014, please follow this link: WBEC July 2014 Financials HS