Eruv Update: Orchard Lk Leg Is Now UP

We are pleased to announce that the long broken Orchard Lk leg of the eruv has been repaired and is now kosher.  Going forward, if we announce that the WB Eruv is UP, this includes the Orchard Lk leg.  If part of the Eruv goes down, we will specify which part, so that those who need to rely on the Orchard leg (such as Bais Chabad’s Northern quadrant residents) will know their status.

By repairing the Orchard Lk leg, we add much needed redundancy to the greater eruv.  If the Ohel Moed west loop is down, but Orchard is still up, then Bais Chabad’s North eruv is still kosher.  Likewise, if Bais Chabad’s eruv is not kosher, then Ohel Moed’s loop may still be valid.

To see a map of the current Eruv, please click here:

Note that the Ohel Moed side is accurate, however the Bais Chabad side is not yet mapped precisely on our Google map.

There are a few complicated areas of the Orchard Lk leg: Walnut @ Orchard, and Maple @ Orchard.  The diagram below shows where the Ohel Moed loop is in relation to the Bais Chabad side.

Orchard Lk Detail