Parashat Metzora- Weekly Announcements

April 4th 2014/ 4 Nisan 5774

Shabbat Times

Candle Lighting: 7:45pm

Friday Mincha: 7:45pm

Shacharit: 9:00am

Latest Shema: 10:22am

SNIF: 5-6:15pm

Shabbat Learning: 6:55pm

Shabbat Mincha: 7:35pm

Havdallah: 8:47pm

Eruv Update

The Eruv is DOWN until further notice.


Kiddush Luncheon is sponsored by Dr. Jeffrey and Debra Devries, in appreciation of the community.

If you are interested in sponsoring an upcoming kiddush please contact Rabbi Jundef.

Weekly Classes

The Monday class for women will meet after Pesach.

The Monday Mishna Brurah class will meet after services.

The Tuesday class for men will meet after Pesach.

The Wednesday class will meet after services.

Mazel Tov!

Mazel Tov to Dr. Marc and Susan Beals on the birth of a grandson.


*Please make arrangements to sell your chometz properly. Please remove any personal chometz from the shul. Any chometz remaining after April 5th will be discarded.

*There will be no Kiddush or Seudah Shlishit next Shabbat.

*Tachles Hebrew Ulpan with Ohad and Or
Join us on Wednesday evenings at FJA at 8 p.m. for Tachles – a Hebrew Ulpan
Two levels:
Level 1:  Basic conversation with Ohad for beginners
Level 2:  Intermediate newspaper reading and Hebrew discussion with Or
Cost is $15.00 for every 4 weeks.
Refreshments and coffee
Ohad cell phone:  248-238-3221

Pesach Crafts

The numbers for Ohel Moeds Eishes Chayil Mikvah are: 248-320-6541 or 248-737-3337. Please call 48 hours in advance.

Weekly Davening Times:

Shacharit: 8:00am
Mincha: 6:25pm

Shacharit: 6:50am
Mincha: 6:25pm

Shacharit: 7:00am
Mincha: 6:25pm

Shacharit: 7:00am
Mincha: 7:55pm

The earliest time for Tallis and Tefillin are: 6:10, 6:08, 6:06, 6:04, 6:02, and 6:01am.
Shabbat Shalom