Eruv Project Update

Overall progress has been slow due to very difficult weather conditions, however as the weather improves we expect our progress to accelerate.

AT&T did a great job trimming the trees on Walnut Lake Road.  This week DTE will start work on high-up lechi repairs, and installation of new lechis on the new utility poles.  In a couple of weeks, we may call for volunteers to finish up bottom-of-the-pole lechi repairs.  We are also working on identifying how to re-build the Orchard Lk Road leg, both North and South of Maple.

There are many tasks which need to be completed.  Some of them can be done in parallel, if we had volunteers to lead the effort on them.  If you would like to volunteer to lead the work on one of the eruv repair issues, please email

The current task list can be found here:

–The West Bloomfield Eruv Committee