Eruv Update



As we all know the eruv is down.  This is primarily due to the natural growth in trees and vegetation through which our eruv winds its way.  Last month, on Thanksgiving Day, David Bussell and 3 of his sons along with Moises Fridman and Dan Mendelson evaluated many sections of the eruv.  They walked nearly a 3 mile stretch of the eruv from the archery club on Drake to the intersection of Walnut Lake and Orchard Lake roads.  Every eruv lechi that was in close proximity to the ground (and even some that weren’t) was repaired during this 2.5 hour period.  Last week a small committee met including:  Rabbi Jundef, Rabbi Shneur Silberberg, Howard Storchan, Moses Fridman, Mendy Cohen, David Aisner and Dan Mendelson to discuss how best to repair the other sections of the eruv.  Howard Storchan volunteered to examine some of the high up lechi areas.  Howard advised that with a lift that we could repair the eruv.  However this takes time and considerable financial resources.  With the advent of our brand new website, please take the opportunity to make an Eruv contribution online through PayPal.  In order to strengthen and reinforce the eruv we will need to raise funds as well as to maintain the services of an eruv checker who will go to work again once the eruv has been made operational.   Thank you for your patience.