Our West Bloomfield

Ohel Moed of Shomrey Emunah is located on Farmington Road, between Maple and Walnut Lake Roads, in the heart of West Bloomfield, Michigan.

West Bloomfield Township is a premier residential community, boasting affordable and spacious housing along with beautiful parks and nature reserves.  In 2012 Money magazine named West Bloomfield as one of America’s best small cities to live in, citing its quality schools, sterling health care and chic shopping opportunities.

For those in the Ohel Moed community, West Bloomfield is best known for the following features:

  • Jewish Community Center—one of the largest JCC’s in the country, this facility houses an elite health and fitness center; an accredited early childhood facility; educational, recreational, and social programming of all types, and many quality Jewish summer camps.
  • Several outstanding Jewish academic institutions for high school students.
  • Eishes Chayil Mikvah— this is a well-maintained, modern facility with appointments scheduled throughout the week as well as Shabbat and Yom Tov.
  • West Bloomfield Eruv— covering several square miles in our community, this ritual enclosure is regularly maintained and inspected to insure proper adherence regarding the transfer of objects from one domain type to another on Shabbat.
  • Large Jewish Community—West Bloomfield is home to a large, diverse and growing Jewish population, with nearly a dozen synagogues of all denominations.
  • Kosher Offerings—West Bloomfield is home to Jerusalem Restaurant, which boasts a thriving takeout business as well as a sophisticated sit-down environment; Harvard Row, a full-service kosher butcher; Bake Station Too, a nut-free kosher bakery; and many grocery stores and specialty markets featuring kosher and Israeli delicacies.
  • Proximity to Everything—West Bloomfield is about 15-20 minutes away from several Orthodox Jewish day schools, including Yeshivat Akiva, Yeshiva Darchei Torah, and Yeshivah Beth Yehuda; 30 minutes away from Downtown Detroit and Windsor, Ontario, and 35 minutes away from Ann Arbor.

We would like to thank Adam Luger (BlueRacer Productions) for all of the time he donated to make this video project possible. His professionalism and creativity are greatly appreciated. We would also like to thank Hartley Harris for the time he gave and consulting on the project.