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The West Bloomfield eruv encloses a large portion of West Bloomfield west of Orchard Lk road, and is connected to the Bais Chabad eruv east of Orchard. It has a perimeter of approx 8 miles, an an area of approx 2.6 sq mi. In most places, the eruv is using the telephone or cable TV cable bundles running between utility poles, however in several areas (Cromwell woods, English Gardens) it uses high-strength fishing line.

The Eruv is usually checked partially each week on Wednesday or Thursday, so a complete inspection is completed each month.

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Donations Needed

The eruv requires frequent maintenance and regular inspection. Each family inside the eruv is requested to donate a recommended amount of at least $120/year to help pay for ongoing costs. To donate using a credit card or Paypal account, please use the donation button below.

Community Partners

The West Bloomfield Eruv would not be possible without the generous help of our partners, including:

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