Fund for Michal Solomon and Children

If you would like to donate to help support the Solomon family, who were attacked by a terrorist at their Shabbat table last Friday, you can do so at this GoFundme page: Fund for Michal (Lando) Solomon .  That night, Elad Solomon, as well as his father Yosef, and his sister Chaya were killed.

As all of you know, this past Friday night an evil terrorist murdered a husband, his father and sister and stabbed his mother leaving her badly wounded. Miraculously, his wife, who was on the other side of the room quickly gathered her three young children and ran to safety upstairs where her twin babies were sleeping. She barricaded the door behind her, protecting her children at all costs and called for help.  Living in America, when we hear of these atrocities in Israel, we feel saddened and angered, but we can’t help also feeling somewhat disconnected. Often these murders occur in settlements we have never heard of and we comfort ourselves with the knowledge that our loved ones in Israel are in “the safer cities or areas.” This Saturday when I turned my phone on after Shabbat, I was met with a different reality. Several text messages popped up alerting me that my wonderful first cousin and daughter of my father’s youngest brother, Michal Solomon, was the fast-thinking wife who had saved her children while listening to her beloved husband Elad’s dying screams. The pictures splashed throughout the internet were the bright faces of Michal and Elad Solomon, just as I have always seen them together, always infectiously smiling. The story of her quick wit and protective motherly instincts gives me chills. She saw the killer disguised in a white button down short and blue pants and understood immediately that evil had entered their home. She and Elad made a silent promise. He would hold off the terrorist while she would save their children. She gathered the children quietly and then slipped right behind their father’s murder and upstairs to call for help.