Parashat Emor- Weekly Announcements

May 12, 2017 / 17 Iyyar, 5777

Shabbat Times

Friday Mincha: 6:55pm

Candle Lighting: After 7:15pm

Shacharit: 9:00am

Latest Shema: 9:51am

Snif: No Snif this week

Learning: 7:40pm

Shabbat Mincha: 8:20pm

Shabbat ends: 9:36pm


This week’s kiddush is a deluxe luncheon in honor of Rabbi Schnipper’s birthday, a major milestone. Kiddush is sponsored by the following families: Adelman, Aisner, Barak, Berris, Brown, Cetner, Cutler, Shere, Cohen (David and Zivit), Cohen (Mendy and Shaindle), Ershler/Faudem, Fridman, Garden, Gerchak, Gilan, Goldberg, Goldman (Akiva and Amelia), Goldman (Ezra and Jen), Harris, Heisler, Herschfus, Holtzman, Israelov, Jundef, Mendelson, Schloss, Schwartz, Shulman, Steiner, Storchan, and Tessler/Klaussner.  Rolls will be served.

The cost of a basic Kiddush is $225.00. If you are interested in sponsoring an upcoming Kiddush, or purchasing a leaf or a memorial board light, please contact Rabbi Jundef.

Weekly Classes

The Monday class for women will meet at 5:00pm.

The Mishnah Brurah class will meet at 6:00pm.

The Tuesday class for men will meet at 6:00pm.


Save the Date

Save the date: Ohel Moed’s 31st Annual Dinner, honoring Miriam and Dr. Mark Goldberg, will be held Monday June 26 2017. You can register online, and purchase journal ads here: Annual Dinner Page

Save the Date for the annual Ohel Moed BBQ on August 27th 2017 at Drake Park.

 Bnei Akiva

Bnei Akiva Midwest Regional Shabbaton

We are proud to announce that for the first time ever, the West Bloomfield community will host a Bnei Akiva Midwest Regional Shabbaton. We will be hosting the third annual Seniors’ Shabbaton on May 19-21. The Seniors’ Shabbaton is the last Midwest Shabbaton for 12th graders involved in Bnei Akiva. We are expecting about 65 total attendees from Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Toronto, and St. Louis. Due to the fact that there will be attendees from cities other than Detroit, we will be asking families to house attendees from Fridayafternoon until Sundaymorning. There is also an option to host a Shaliach family, as opposed to kids. As on past Shabbatonim in West Bloomfield, meals and transportation will be arranged by Bnei Akiva and host families should not be concerned about either. If you are interested in housing, please email with your name, number of people you can house, preferred gender, and phone number. The community will be invited to festive Tefilot over Shabbat and a joyous Kidush on Shabbat afternoon. The Shabbaton is made up of High School Seniors, which means that most of the participants will be Bnei Akiva leaders from other cities, who will make the Shabbaton all the more enjoyable for everyone. For any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Detroit Shaliach, Yonatan Edrei at 248-764-8401 or Mazkir Galil, Tal Ershler at 248-595-5176. We anticipate that more information will be released as the date approaches.

Mikvah Information

The numbers for Ohel Moed’s Eishes Chayil Mikvah are: 248-320-6541 or 248-737-3337. Please call 48 hours in advance.

Weekly Davening Times


Shacharit: 8:00am
Mincha: 7:00pm


Shacharit: 7:00am
Mincha: 7:00pm

The earliest times for Tallis and Tefillin are: 5:06, 5:05, 5:04, 5:02, 5:01, and 5:00am.