Parashat Bo- Weekly Announcements

February 3, 2016 / 8 Sh’vat, 5777

Shabbat Times

Candle Lighting: 5:32pm

Friday Mincha: 5:35pm

Shacharit: 9:00am

Latest Shema: 10:16am

Snif: 4:15pm

Learning: 4:45pm

Shabbat Mincha: 5:25pm

Shabbat ends: 6:35pm


Kiddush this week is sponsored by David and Dr. Zivit Cohen, commemorating the yahrzeit of Zivit’s grandmother and David’s two grandmothers and great grandmother.

Seudah Shlishit is sponsored by Avie and Suzi Benaderet, commemorating the yahrzeit of Avie’s bother.

The cost of a basic Kiddush is $225.00. If you are interested in sponsoring an upcoming Kiddush, or purchasing a leaf or a memorial board light, please contact Rabbi Jundef.

Weekly Classes

The Monday class for women will meet at 4:30pm

The Mishnah Brurah class will meet on Monday.

The Tuesday class for men will not meet this week.


The Brown family is looking to relocate from Minneapolis back to West Bloomfield as soon as possible.  If you know of any houses within walking distance to Ohel Moed that are 4 bedrooms, with a basement and under $400k, please contact JJ Brown at They are open to renting or buying.  Thank you!

Eruv Update

We are piloting a new feature on the Eruv web site.  Using the Twilio service, we can now send Eruv status updates via SMS.  If you would like to sign up for this new service, please visit this page and fill out the form:

Bnei Akiva


Mikvah Information

The numbers for Ohel Moed’s Eishes Chayil Mikvah are: 248-320-6541 or 248-737-3337. Please call 48 hours in advance.

Weekly Davening Times


Shacharit: 8:00am
Mincha: 5:40pm


Shacharit: 7:00am
Mincha: 5:40pm


Shacharit: 7:00am
Mincha: 5:45pm

The earliest times for Tallis and Tefillin are: 6:45, 6:44, 6:43, 6:42, 6:41 and 6:39am