Message from Bnei Akiva for Ohel Moed Community

Message from Yonatan Edrei, Bnei Akiva Midwest Coordinator:

I am writing about the Shlichut service of Evyatar Kraus.

Ever since Ariel Nokai returned to Israel 6 weeks ago, we have worked diligently to identify and recruit a replacement Shaliach.  Aside from the programmatic benefits of having a second Shaliach, there is a very practical one– Evyatar does not have a drivers license, and it’s very difficult to get around in the “Motor City” without driving.

After interviewing possible replacement candidates, I am writing to report we were unsuccessful in finding a new partner for Evyatar.  Accordingly, we have made the difficult decision to end Evyatar’s Shlichut early; he will be going home to Israel this week.

I know you join me in wishing Evyatar success on his next endeavor.  He greatly appreciated the community’s warmth and hospitality.

For our part, Bnei Akiva will continue to work with the Frankel Jewish Academy and the West Bloomfield community to deepen everyone’s connection to Israel.  I continue to appreciate your support for this vital mission.