Parashat Ha’Azinu- Weekly Announcements

October 14, 2016 / 13 Tishrei, 5777

Shabbat Times

Candle Lighting: 6:34pm

Friday Mincha: 6:35pm

Shacharit: 9:00am

Latest Shema: 10:33am

Learning: 5:40pm

Snif: 5:00

Shabbat Mincha: 6:20pm

Shabbat ends: 7:32pm


Kiddush this week is sponsored by Dr. Mark and Miriam Goldberg, wishing everyone much simcha during the upcoming Sukkot holiday.

Kiddush on Monday is co-sponsored by Don and Janice Scharg, Avi and Susie Benaderet, and Larry and Eileen Goltz, commemorating various yahrzeits.

Kiddush on Tuesday is sponsored by Ethan and Lisa Gilan, commemorating the yahrzeit of his father.

The cost of a basic Kiddush is $225.00. If you are interested in sponsoring an upcoming Kiddush, or purchasing a leaf or a memorial board light, please contact Rabbi Jundef.

Weekly Classes

The Monday class for women will not meet this week.

The Mishnah Brurah class will not meet this week.

The Tuesday class for men will not meet this week



Click on Sukkot Schedule to view the complete Sukkot Schedule

From Bnei Akiva West Bloomfield…


Sukkah Hop Schedule

Day 1, Monday, October 17th starting at 4pm

Ezra & Jenn Goldman, 6010 Charles Drive
Ethan & Lisa Gilan 6130 Charles Drive
David & Zivit Cohen, 6248 Charles Drive
Brian & Jenny Schwartz, 5328 Langlewood Drive

Day 2, Tuesday, October 18th starting at 4pm

Sanford & Susan Schulman, 5901 Barnstable Court
David & Susie Aisner, 4380 Patrick Road
Neil & Terry Schloss, 6357 Bauervic Boulevard
Jeff & Michele Faudem Ershler, 6294 Ramwyck Court


   Please contact Ariel ( or Evyatar ( if you have any questions.

Youth Fund

Please donate to the Ohel Moed Youth Fund to help cover the cost of having the Shlichim in our community.  If you would like to donate by credit card, please visit and click the Donate button.

Check out Bnei Akiva Detroit’s awesome new website at

Mikvah Information

The numbers for Ohel Moed’s Eishes Chayil Mikvah are: 248-320-6541 or 248-737-3337. Please call 48 hours in advance.

Weekly Davening Times


Shacharit: 8:00am
Mincha: 6:30pm


Shacharit: 9:00am
Mincha: 6:30pm


Shacharit: 9:00am
Mincha: 6:30pm


Shacharit: 6:45am
Mincha: 6:30pm


Shacharit: 6:45am
Mincha: 6:25pm

The earliest times for Tallis and Tefillin are: 7:03, 7:04, 7:05, 7:07, 7:08, and 7:09am.