Eruv Announcement Timing

We were informed that the late email time of last weeks eruv announcement caused many who accept Shabbat early to be unaware that the Eruv was down, and caused difficulties on Saturday.  We regret this situation and apologize.

In general, if there is no Eruv email well before Shabbat starts, it means that there is a complication: either the Eruv is damaged and someone is still trying to fix it; or the Eruv is in an unknown state because the check has not yet completed; or for some reason we were not able to send the email yet.

Our advice is that if it is time for you to begin Shabbat and there is no Eruv update, it is safest to assume that the eruv is posul (down) until there is news.   We will try to communicate the status of the Eruv, whatever it is, several hours before Shabbat starts.

Currently, the Eruv is DOWN.  We are going to attempt to repair it before this Shabbat.