Shulchan Project Update

The Shulchan Replacement Committee (or were we the Ohel Moed Furniture Committee? I forget) is pleased to announced that we have almost reached our fundraising goal.  The community’s response has been wonderful, and we are within a few donations of fully funding the project.

If you would like to help push us over the top, you can donate online here:, or see Rabbi Jundef.

The donation levels are Bronze: $250, Silver: $500, and Gold: $2500. but any amount will help! Donors will be acknowledged on an attractive plaque which will be mounted near the Ark.

And, remember that any excess funds will be given to the Youth Fund, to support our Bnei Akiva program and other fun programming for the kids.

N.J Lakewood Brookhill Kol Yehuda 64-