A note from Chanah Rosah

To my dear shul friends!!

As you know, my wedding day is nearing with only about one month left to go. It is an unbelievably special time in my life and the excitement is really building up. Of course, a big part of what makes the celebration so special is when it can be shared with friends. I would like to convey to you how much it would mean to me if you could join me in New Jersey for my wedding. I apologize for the inconvenience of the location and I recognize the difficulties involved in making all the arrangements. Nonetheless, if it can work into your schedule, I would be honored and truly touched if you would be there. If anyone might be interested in going by car or van, please let me know.  Maybe we can get a group together this way.  There is an amazingly low fare being offered on Spirit air which may be expiring at midnight tonight.  My email address is crf613@gmail.com and my cell no. is 248-320-0731.
Looking forward to sharing my simcha with you!
Chanah Rosah